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What's your main purpose for using CBD?

  • 1Pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects
  • 2Relieve stress during the day
  • 3Fall asleep faster and/or sleep more soundly
  • 4Relieve skin problems

Do you want to avoid impairing and psychoactive cannabinoids?

(They should be avoided if you plan to drive or will use heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabinoids)
  • 1Yes, I want to avoid impairing and/or psychoactive cannabinoids
  • 2No, I don't mind using impairing and/or psychoactive cannabinoids

Are you subjected to regular drug tests and need to avoid THC at all costs?

  • 1Yes, I'm subjected to regular drug tests and need to avoid THC at all costs
  • 2No, I'm not subjected to drug tests and don't need to avoid THC at all costs

What consumption method do you prefer?

  • 1Oil (more effective than gummies or capsules, but less convenient)
  • 2Gummies (tasty and convenient)
  • 3Capsules (Convenient)
  • 4Vaping or smoking (fast effects, but effects don't last as long, plus you risk damaging your airway and lungs)
  • 5Topical (best for skin issues and localized effects)

Is flavor very important to you?

  • 1Yes, flavor is one of the most important things for me when using cannabinoids
  • 2No, I care mostly about the effects and less about flavor

Are you on a budget or are you looking for the best possible product?

  • 1I'm on a budget and need something cheap
  • 2I'm looking for the best possible product, price is less important than quality

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